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What type of BER cert. does my building require?

How do I determine if my building needs a single BER or multiple BER certs? In general a BER cert. should reflect the accommodation being sold or let.

To determine the requirement for a BER in a building the following should be considered:

» Buildings with a common heating system.
One BER cert. can be produced (or made available) for the whole building and used when the building or any part of it is sold or let. If a part which is designed or altered for separate use is sold or let, a BER cert. can be produced (or made available) for that part

» Buildings without a common heating system.
A BER cert. should be prepared (or made available) for each part being offered for sale or let. If a BER cert. does exist for the whole building (e.g. as a result of construction) it is not possible to use this unless the whole building is being sold or let.

To Determine your Buildings BER Requirement See the Flow Chart.